International Conference Schedule

Declaration of Conference
Conference declaration should be done atleast six months before the date of conference. Before declaration all the associations from different Journal houses needs to be made regarding theme of conference.
Conference Responsibilities
Before declaration of conference, the organizing institution should decide on conference theme, scope of conference, tracks, key note speakers, chief guest, ISSN and ISBN requirement, submission meduim, advertisement strategies. Our company help institutions in all above given responsibilities.
Advertisement Media
Normally Institutions use Poster and brouchers as a part of advertisement but these days bulk amount of mail notifications can be used to notify authors regarding the conference. This services provide faster feedback and higher number of entries. Also radio media can be used to promote the event. This needs to be done from the very next day of declaration of conference.
Journal Paper Publications
Journal Paper Publications needs to be completed atleast one week before the conference so Institution can launch both ISSN and ISBN series of conference on the very day of inaugaration. This helps institution in completing the post conference work in faster manner.
Conference Reviewing Team
National and International reviewers from different countries needs to be invited for reviewing papers for conference based on the theme of conference. This needs to be done before declaration of conference.